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September 19 -21 | San Diego Convention Center

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Festival of Genomics


The Festival is completely FREE to attend.

Hear all plenary speakers, 9 tracks of talks , TechForum presentations, the special AI seminar, the exhibition floor, the Live Lab and much more ...

1200 visitors expected this year

Be part of the genomic revolution. Discover the latest advances in the areas defining genomic research and medicine.

Discover the newest technology and genomic science  

Discover new technologies and how to apply them to both your research and in the clinic - explore innovative companies on the exhibition floor and get hands on demonstrations in the Live Lab. Understand NGS, machine learning, sample preparation and sequencing tools.

Learn the latest applications & challenges in genome engineering

Understand CRISPRcas9 techniques, and how to apply them in research and drug development. Discover how to read the results in the Genome Editing track and 3 focused Base Camp workshops.

Understand how to analyze data and what the future holds for genomic data

Learn how to analyze and interpret NGS data in tracks on Enabling Data, Data Sharing, and Single Cell Analysis. Explore the future at the AI Seminar and gain experience in the data focused workshops at Base Camp.

100+ Speakers


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Base Camp - Workshop Day

Allow us to introduce our brand spanking new workshop day - Base Camp. Of course we love any name with a genomics connection (base ... geddit?) but it's more than that. We love the concept of Base Camp - whether you're climbing Everest or trying to surmount the latest challenge at work (let's face it, it can sometimes feel like Everest), you need dedicated training, from seasoned experts, and in a fail-safe environment. That's what our Base Camp is.


Update and expand your genomic knowledge by selecting up to 4 in-depth workshops, from a choice of 12, to build your tailored Base Camp day. Our focused workshops will equip you with the tested tools, detailed insights, and hard-won experience from those that have trodden that path before. No matter what your level of genomic understanding, we’ve got your bases covered.


  • Develop your genomics skills from beginner to advanced levels
  • Target your learning experiences around specific topics to improve your understanding
  • Learn how to apply your knowledge to your research and the clinic
  • Grow your network while you develop your skills


  • Lessons for healthcare professionals: tools and techniques for the clinical application of genomics, from beginner to advanced clinical techniques
  • NGS and sequencing for all levels and applications: from DNA, RNA, ctDNA all the way up the infectious diseases
  • Keep up with the gene editing revolution: learn about CRISPR from introductory to advanced, and data analysis
  • Beyond the nucleus: covering new applications of genomics single cell techniques, drug development, multiomics and aging

Tracks of content

  • Genomic Medicine
  • Cancer Genomics


  • Enabling Data
  • Transcriptomics
  • Editing the Genome
  • Single Cell Analysis
  • Drug Development
  • Data Sharing with GA4GH
  • Genetic Counseling


  • I have a huge appreciation for the atmosphere of the event and think it’s a great opportunity for sparking collaborations that are so important to those of us tasked with translating genetics findings into new therapies.
    Janna Hutz
    Director, Head of Human Biology & Data Science, Andover Product, Eisai
  • It is pretty evident that the Festival is the most forward-thinking genetics/ genomics festival out there and I am incredibly excited to share ideas with such a tremendous list of presenters and attendees.”
    Brian Piening
    Principle Investigator Snyder Lab, Stanford
  • When I saw the line-up and the spirit of the first of Festival of Genomics, I knew that it was going to be somehow different from existing conferences. I attended and had a great experience. I came back to Cincinnati Children’s more energized
    Kristen Sund
    Point Person, Institutional Genomic Initiatives, Cincinnati Children's Hospital
  • I’ve been told that this is the place to hear the latest research and innovation technology in genomics. The atmosphere is very cooperative and the science cutting edge. I want to be part of it!”
    Alexandra Grassian
    Scientist, Epizyme

AI Seminar

AI Seminar

WuXi NextCODE Live Data Lab


Appistry/Dell Live Lab

Live lab

The play

The Play


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  • Roche
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific

Strategic partners

  • Agilent Technologies
  • Beckman Coulter Life Sciences
  • Seven Bridges
  • Twist

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