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September 19 -21 | San Diego Convention Center

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Festival of Genomics


Be part of the genomic revolution. You’re invited to the Festival of Genomics in San Diego. Discover the latest advances in the areas defining genomic research and medicine.

Benefits of attending:

Applied technology for clinical results.

Learn how to harness the power of the genome and bring treatment to patients. We are teetering on the brink of a personalized healthcare revolution. One day all healthcare will be individually tailored. Make precision medicine a reality for everyone in tracks on Genomic Medicine, Cancer Genomics and Drug Development.

Derive the signal from the noise. 

Understand how the latest in analytics, machine learning and attend a dedicated seminar on how AI will affect the future of genomics. Learn from presentations with IBM, Berg, Deep Genomics, Human Longevity and Pfizer. We also have a whole track on Data Sharing hosted by the GA4GH.

Common language and effective collaborations. 

Meet and collaborate with pioneers and influencers in genomics. Network and learn alongside heads of healthcare, leading academics and directors of big pharma. Participate in one of 12 focused workshops; take part in the debate in 10+ breakout discussion sessions or get involved in our many show floor attractions.



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Base Camp

Base camp is about more than just attending workshops – it’s about being on a path towards something rewarding and exciting. It’s about getting to a point where you can prepare, learn, and acclimatize, in order to succeed. This is what our focused workshops are all about – equipping you with the tested tools, detailed insights, and hard-won experience from those that have trodden that path before. There’s some hard work involved. You need to contribute to get to base camp. No passengers.

  • Circulating tumor DNA methodologies
  • The next generation sequencing revolution & becoming a part of it
  • New methods & techniques using multiomic data to drive actionable results
  • Understanding & countering biological aging with genomics
  • Managing the brave new world of genomics: an introduction
  • From lab to clinic: challenges & opportunities for deep sequencing in infectious disease diagnostics

  • An introduction to CRISPR
  • Quality & size matters: new insights driven by clinical grade whole genome sequences
  • Lessons from a lawsuit: what to be aware of when ordering genetic tests
  • Optimizing your use of RNA-Seq tech & data analysis – 101
  • Cut & tell: approaches & tools for cutting DNA with CRISPR guides & reading the results
  • Dismantling the bulk: examining heterogeneity using single-cell techniques


Base Camp Workshops



Tracks of content

  • Genomic Medicine
  • Cancer Genomics


  • Enabling Data
  • Transcriptomics
  • Editing the Genome
  • Single Cell Analysis
  • Drug Development
  • Data Sharing with GA4GH
  • Genetic Counseling


  • I have a huge appreciation for the atmosphere of the event and think it’s a great opportunity for sparking collaborations that are so important to those of us tasked with translating genetics findings into new therapies.
    Janna Hutz
    Director, Head of Human Biology & Data Science, Andover Product, Eisai
  • It is pretty evident that the Festival is the most forward-thinking genetics/ genomics festival out there and I am incredibly excited to share ideas with such a tremendous list of presenters and attendees.”
    Brian Piening
    Principle Investigator Snyder Lab, Stanford
  • When I saw the line-up and the spirit of the first of Festival of Genomics, I knew that it was going to be somehow different from existing conferences. I attended and had a great experience. I came back to Cincinnati Children’s more energized
    Kristen Sund
    Point Person, Institutional Genomic Initiatives, Cincinnati Children's Hospital
  • I’ve been told that this is the place to hear the latest research and innovation technology in genomics. The atmosphere is very cooperative and the science cutting edge. I want to be part of it!”
    Alexandra Grassian
    Scientist, Epizyme

AI Seminar

AI Seminar



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Join the community at the largest free-to-attend genomics event